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Vultyrex's News

Posted by Vultyrex - April 18th, 2021

What the hell. It's been multiple years since I've updated this. Seems like this place is still around. Here's some new music for those who are still listening to my stuff. huzzah!


Posted by Vultyrex - December 31st, 2016

New year coming in less than 24 hours. Anyone have plans to ring in the new year? 

Posted by Vultyrex - December 22nd, 2016

Have a happy Christmas and a splendid New Year everyone!

Posted by Vultyrex - November 29th, 2016

Life has moved into the fast lane. 


My previous desktop has bit the dust but now, years later, I've finally been able to replace it with a much more powerful machine. I still have all my old project files and will eventually start sifting through them again. I am now married and have 1 child so far. I'd like to get back to music making and maybe compose some of this rust off. Enjoy!

Posted by Vultyrex - December 29th, 2015

Will return to my roots. Make music, upload here. Never knew that I was needed. 

Posted by Vultyrex - January 28th, 2013

So, nothing was uploaded in the year of 2012. Shame on me. Even though I said this and that and pish and posh. Probably because of a conversation I had with some people.

"Get better sounds" "It doesn't sound real"

Lets get things straight. I don't make music as a career. I do it it purely for fun and a bit of a personal release. As for quality sound, just take it like it is. Don't judge what it could be.

Posted by Vultyrex - December 19th, 2011

I suppose I should make some stuff since 2011 has been very unproductive. Perhaps, I'll go with the flow and make 2012 apocalyptic type stuff. Who knows, but definitely, I'll be active this year.

Posted by Vultyrex - December 9th, 2010

So I gathered a few of my works in progress in a pleading attempt to set me straight on them. I'm not exactly begging here but I'd like to finish these songs sometime because I believe they have what it takes to be a good song or instrumental.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /381847

Listen, brainstorm, collab with me!

Posted by Vultyrex - May 26th, 2009

Welp, time to update this thing again.

I've recently been getting into a few instruments and I want to master them. I don't want to use the same instruments for each song/demo I do but nonetheless I will do my best so that you guys can't say that the instrument sounds the same. I'm going to push myself to upload one or two complete songs a month, perhaps more. I've removed a few entries from newgrounds because I think they were just taking up space with no real potential.

btw, I'm starting to hate zero-bombers. D:

Posted by Vultyrex - April 2nd, 2009

This better be a communist 4pr1| F00|5 j0k3 or I'm deleting my account.